American OEM

American Made, Made America

Reviving the tradition of crafting hardwood flooring in America, using hardwood materials from sustainably managed North American forests is more than our mission: it's our legacy.

We’re committed to reviving the American hardwood flooring industry by making our products right here in the USA. Knowing around 50% of all wood sold in the US is imported from other countries, we focus on producing design-leading, cost-effective and durable American-made alternatives using a sustainable, socially responsible business model to employ both civilian and inmate labor.

Our design-leading floors feature a variety of North American species in a range of textures and styles, and our 8-foot board length has already changed the course of hardwood flooring design. What’s more, the close proximity to the US market means our customers enjoy dramatically reduced lead times and significantly reduced inventory costs.

Why Choose American Made?

When you choose American-made hardwood flooring, you’re investing in the future of the US hardwood economy – keeping quality products and jobs right here at home.

  • Investment in our own economy. Because we manufacture our products in the US, we’re creating and keeping jobs right here – not sending them overseas.
  • Responsible, sustainably sourced hardwood you can trust. It can be hard to know whether imported hardwood comes from truly sustainable sources. When you choose American OEM hardwood, you’re choosing low VOC, CARB Compliant, SCS Indoor Advantage Gold Certified products that have been responsibly sourced from sustainably managed forests in     North America.
  • Craftsmanship, quality and durability you can count on. Our products are made using a combination of time-honored American handcrafting and state-of-the-art technology, so you can trust our floors to last a lifetime.  Every plank is manufactured to the exacting standards of the ANSI/HPVA EF certification for top-notch quality and consistency. 
  • Responsive service and cost-effective solutions. Being located right here in the US means you enjoy lower inventory costs, quicker lead times and fast, responsive service – every time.
  • We’re one of you (and you’re one of us). We’re an American company with American operations. That means we understand your needs – and your market – and we’re dedicated to delivering the products and services you need to make your own business a success.