American Made Hardwood, American Made Tradition

When you buy our American-made hardwood, you can be sure that you’re buying the best flooring possible at a value unmatched in the industry. You’re also investing in an American industry, and an all-American legacy.

That’s because buying American means more than simply buying hardwood products finished in the USA. It means buying exceptional value, precision quality products that were grown, harvested, designed and constructed in America, by skilled American laborers with pride for their craft. Today, American-made hardwood flooring is making a comeback for those very reasons – people, tradition, and quality you can rely on.

When you buy American OEM Hardwood, you’re helping sustain and protect that legacy for generations to come.

  • Quality: All-hardwood construction
  • Performance: Long-lasting, durable anti-scratch finish
  • Style: Design-leading long board lengths and wide widths, variety of handcrafted textures and stains
  • Service: Responsive, personal customer service with short lead times
  • Sustainable: Responsibly sourced US hardwoods that are Lacey Act Compliant; CARB Exempt status and Indoor Advantage Gold Certification,
  • Socially Responsible: Made 100% from start to finish in the US by an all-American workforce
  • Competitively Priced: The best value in hardwood